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an analysis of the freeway by Ronald Ray Reekers

I have been driving the Southern California freeways for nearly 35 years.  One cannot avoid the time alone on these drives where only the freeway and the self become one.  It gives one time to reflect on where we live, the time we spend on the road and how this has developed our psyche.

Driving is a phenomenal experience.  All of our senses are impacted at once while driving.  The sound of the engine, passing cars and the radio, the smell of the interior to the car, the staleness of the air conditioner and the CO2, the feel of the steering wheel, motion of the car accelerating and decelerating all greatly impact our sense of self and what it mean to be alive, move and have our being in Southern California.  As an Artist the sights of the road greatly impact my drive.  The road draws the eye into the picture frame; the interlocking geometry of the car can be very elegant and harmonious.  The light of the day can add drama to the scene and the lights of the cars at night create a surreal effect.  Though much angst comes along with driving it also can be very inspirational.

The dichotomy of the freeway leads many of use to want to isolate us from the experience of driving.  The radio becomes a major factor in the drive.  One expands the mind by listening to new music, or the current news and in my case lectures or my favorite preachers.  Existentially, the driving experience must in some way impact our lives and helps to shape who we are regardless of whether it is beneficial or not.



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