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a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight


The Moon fascinates me.  I was a youth when we first orbited the moon and I was twelve years old when we walked on it.  The operative word “WE”!  When Apollo 11 headed for the moon and when Neil Armstrong walked on it, it was as though I myself was there.  This show is about what it means to be struck by the power of our wondrous moon.

I produced this show by using the technique of monotype.  It is a printing technique of applying ink to plexi-glass and printing.  It was a way of printing then “ghosting “ off the previous print to creating the next print.  I would then reprint the ghost and go from there.  It allowed me the freedom to create chance moments that was essential to the series.  In this way the end produce is a continuous visual poem about the idea; in this case the idea of being moonstruck.

When producing the series my mind was on formal things, but as the series grew it became more ethereal, where fantasy and the imagination of my nature came into being.  There are romantic ideas of that childhood love of the cosmos and the essence of also why I am an Engineer.  In then end, it is all the wonder of God’s gifts to us all and wonder of his creation.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
Genesis Chapter 1 Paragraph


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