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Art Critique May 2014

May’s critique welcomed two new members and of course they contributed wonderfully with the group.  Much of what we presented and talked about was our community with the world around us, and in particular the ‘natural’ world. Thom brought a dynamic painting focused on how two worlds can influence on each other.  This paintings graphically […]

Art Critique March 2014

This month we had a very eclectic group of art which often provoke the greatest amount of discussion, especial focused on art making and processes.  All participates seem to draw from nature, but in much different ways of expression and feeling. Donna presented a group of ‘ghost prints’ of waterfalls, or an idea of a […]

Art Critique Feburary 2014

We had six attendees this month that included a wide variety of media and styles. Ron presented three beachscapes (about a quarter sheet size), based on some plein-air painting on the coast of Laguna Beach. Comments were about the rich color and brushwork were used to capture the rocky island and foreground structure. All of […]

Art Critique March 2013

The creativity of the works shown at the latest critique is inspiring.  Often artist within a group are diverse enough that showing work together gives everyone a great sense of contrast and diversity in art making which is a hallmark of our times.  Contrasting each work can help identify strengths and weaknesses in one’s own […]

Art Critique Feburary 2013

We’ve been busy, to say the least, and the latest crit shows some real progress in all participates. But before the work came out we began a lengthy discussion hovering around art history.  The discussion started with the idea of anti-art at the turn of the 20th century and how Dada seemed to clear the […]