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The group Hygennobuki was formed to celebrate both our love of art and respect for the each other as artist.  We start by opening up a conversation with a simple random image taken consciously from our imagination.  These images can come from memory, an actual object or reference material.  We would exchange the painting and based on our visceral response to the opening image, we would add marks, images, or objects to the piece.  We were not limited to the edge of the painting either, often the experience of working the piece would expand into the frame.  Instead of the frame being the show piece of the work, it was added to enhance the image, and add to the dialog.  Work would continue until the artwork was complete to the group.

The result of the collaboration was a cornucopia of inspired images containing areas of truth and ambiguity.  These paintings discuss states of being such as ecstasy, meditation, eroticism and power.  These pieces are about the collective conscience and understanding of our work as Artist, but that is not to say that they are fully understood by us.  The synergy of the collaboration leaves opportunities for the viewer to experience the art from their own experience and interpret it painting on that level.  Hygennobuki is never fully understood or finished.  We will continue to actively create dialogs with the goal of producing inspired and provocative works of art and exploring what can be.

For details on the purpose, inspiration and goal of this series check out the SERIES DESCRIPTION page.  Enjoy!

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